Top Hair Treatments for Winter

Top Hair Treatments for Winter

The winter months are known to wreak havoc on our hair. The combination of cold temperatures outside and dry heat inside can lead to split ends and breakage. As temperatures start to dip, normally-healthy hair may need a pick-me-up. Dry or damaged hair could use a boost of moisture. Hair treatments are a simple, effective way of improving your hair’s strength, moisture and health.

Healthy hair is naturally buoyant and surprisingly strong. But let’s say your hair is damaged. Or, you’d like a boost of moisture to revitalize the look and feel of your hair. In that case, a hair treatment to improve strength is for you.

Read on for a list of the top hair treatments for damaged or healthy hair:

Leave-In Conditioner

Many people don’t realize that hair is significantly more prone to breakage when it’s wet. That’s why brushing your hair when it’s wet, rubbing it with a towel, sleeping on a rough pillowcase or blow drying it can all contribute to damage.

Leave-in conditioners are a great option for adding a layer of protection when you step out of the shower. Not only do they help shield your hair from potential damage, but they can also boost moisture and leave your hair smoother and shinier. Leave-in conditioners are often a great first step if you want to improve moisture and protect your hair when it’s already healthy.

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